Coven of the Black Swan

Black Forest Circle, Seminary & Clan

   Jul 15

Who are the Black Forest Clan?


   There are currently forty-two  Black Forest Clans in the United States and two Canadian clans, with a total of 200+ members. The Black Forest is not a social organization and does not charge an initiation or elevation fee. The Black Forest training program is designed specifically to train Wiccan Clergy, and therefore does not train individuals new to the Craft. Only Silver RavenWolf and her husband, MindWalker, have access to the temple rolls.

Most Black Forest Witches are over the age of thirty-five. All Black Forest Witches are family oriented. Many of The Black Forest Witches have been chosen by Silver RavenWolf and MindWalker on their travels across the United States, giving the organization a unique blend of culture and expertise so that students can enjoy training in many areas of Craft knowledge and lore.

Covens do not hive from the Black Forest Family, they multiply. Each member has an equal vote in administrative decisions in a Grand Coven meeting held once a year.

 All Black Forest members are expected to attend so that they may cast their vote on important Clan issues. Individuals may receive their third elevations only after they have completed the required lessons, performed 100 hours of community service and taken a monitored six hour written examination.

     Black Forest members are not elitist, but they do stick together, just like a real family.  They come from all walks of life. They are teachers, librarians, computer science, writers, poets, musicians, factory workers, professors, salespeople, publishers, hairdressers, shop owners, mechanics, lawyers, insurance, private detectives, police officers and others.

 Recently, we’ve had a problem with individuals claiming to have been trained by Lady Silver, or indicating they are members of BFC, and in most cases this isn’t true. If someone is claiming to be BFC and you are uncertain of the veracity of this claim, please e-mail  Lady Silver indicating who and why you are questioning an individual’s lineage. Please make sure your question is based on a reasonable concern, not on local politicking.

   Part of its teachings are Celtic Witchcraft, and part are Germanic Witchcraft. Magick is made and our rituals are performed in worship and in service of the Mighty Ones, the Lord and the Lady, so that the land and the people may prosper. We believe, however, that all the Gods are one God, that all the Goddesses are one Goddess, and that even the God and the Goddess are truly one. Therefore we insist our members never denigrate or disrespect the forms of Divinity worshipped by others. To do so would be to insult and dishonor our own Lord and Lady. We teach our members that they are responsible for their own actions, and their own lives, that what we put out comes back to us, and that we create our own reality.

Black Forest Witches are taught through a series of 10 written lessons created by Silver RavenWolf and the actual performance of other services to the community they live in. We strive to teach what it means to be a proper person, and to not only talk the talk, but to walk the walk as well.

The Religion:

Members worship Divinity in the particular aspects of the Goddess Morrigan and the God Herne during the dark half of the year, Brigit and Lugh in light half, in our Celtic format. In the Germanic format, the aspects are The Veiled Lady and the Hooded Lord, though we pay respect to Divinity in all forms.


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